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Even #aidilfitri with needs #coffee with @chikufachina and @irenedey  (at Brewmen)
Jul 28, 2014

Even #aidilfitri with needs #coffee with @chikufachina and @irenedey (at Brewmen)

So we r going no? @irenedey @chikufachina #barcelona #malaysia #bukitjalil #ticketes
Aug 7, 2013

So we r going no? @irenedey @chikufachina #barcelona #malaysia #bukitjalil #ticketes

Jul 25, 2013


Jul 25, 2013
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when can i ever move or visit these places…..

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The 20 Things You Need To Accomplish In Your 20s

20. Let go of the past and look forward to the future.

By the age of 29, there will be many things that you will accomplish and there will be things that you failed at. You must learn to let go of your failures and learn from them. You must not think about what you could have or should have done, but rather what you will do next. The 30s are the new 20s, so get your shit together and make something of the next decade!


19. Accept that you are an adult.

By the time that you reach 27 years of age there should be no doubt in your mind that you have reached adulthood. This is the time to accept that you are an adult and that it is time to act like one. This does not necessarily mean to tone down your crazy escapades, but it may. In your 20s you need to come to terms with being your own master and taking responsibility for your decisions and your life.


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Jul 22, 2013

A little bit of Mexican for dinner.


Las Carretas, on Jalan Semantan, I do say is one of the best Mexican restaurants I’ve been to around KL. They have three branches, said one is on Semantan [near Peninsula Hotel], in Ampang and in Subang Jaya.

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Just A little bit of England Pt. 2.

It’s London baby!

Jul 20, 2013

Just a little bit of English countryside. Taken from when i visited a month back.

I believe humans get a lot done, not because we are smart, but because we have thumbs to make coffee.
Flash Rosenberg
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